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Recipes submitted by Sylvia Hendriks (Mill (The Netherlands))

Alli-o-li (Garlic Mayonnaise)     Almond Candy     Almond Sauce     Bacalao (Salt Codfish)     Baked Apples     Baked Bananas     Bean Dip     Beans - Basic Recipe     Breaded Mushrooms     Broiled Bananas     Broiled Savory Chicken     Candied Grapefruit Peel     Chicken Casserole     Chili     Chili And Dumplings     Chopped Chicken Livers     Chuckwagon Turnovers     Escabeche     Filling For Cabbage Strudel     Fish In Orange Juice     Freezer Meat Loaf     Gulf Fish Stew     Ham Crescents     Ham Squares     Herring Salad     Hungarian Casino Eggs     Hungarian Stuffed Eggs     Mango Puree     Marinated Shrimp With Olives And Mushrooms     Meat And Potato Pie     Russian Salad     Spinach Meat Roll     Strudel Dough     Taco Sauce    



The From My Kitchen Cookbook

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