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Recipes submitted by Kevin Taylor (Fort Wayne, IN)

1000 Island Dressing     1000 Island Dressing, Old Spaghetti Factory     A & W Coney Sauce     A & W Coney Sauce 2     Ahi With Thai Dipping Sauce     Aiken Pool Hall     Alfredo Sauce     Andouille Sausage     Apple City Apple Sauce     Apple City Ribs Rub     Apple City Ribs Soak and Mop     Apple Glazed Pork Loin     Armadillo Eggs     Aunt Mock's Brownies     Bahama Mama     Banana Bread     Banana Cream Pie     Banana Pudding     Basic Cookie Dough     Batter, Deep Fry     BBQ Baked Beans     Beans With An Attitude     Beef And Broccoli In Oyster Sauce     Beef En Daube     Beef Satay     Beef Tips in Burgundy Sauce     Belize Hot Sauce     Best Rib Sauce in the Universe     Big Piney Stew     Bigtime BBQ Corn Bread Casserole     Bigwheel's Chicken Brine     Bigwheel's Chicken Marinade     Bleu Cheese Dipping Sauce     Bleu Cheese Dressing     Bleu Cheese Pork Loin     Bob's Salad Dressing     Boerewors     Boggy Pond Rib Marinade     Boggy Ponder Apple Pie     Boudin' Blanc     Bratwurst     Bratwurst     Breakfast Sausage     Brisket Coffee Table Sauce     Bronzed Pork Chops     Brown Chicken Stock     Brown Sugar Rub For Fish     Buttery Cod Florentine     Buzzards Breath BBQ Sauce     Cabbage And Cudighi     Cadillac Jack's Savory Bbq Sauce     Cajun BBQ Shrimp     Cajun Dust     Cajun Pasta Jambalaya     Cajun Seasoning     Candy Bar Cake     Caramel Fondue     Caramel Topping     Caribbean Chicken     Carrot Augratin     Cheddar Cheese Soup     Cheddar Potato-Beer Soup     Cheese Blintzes     Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes And Ham     Chef Paul's Chicken Rub     Chef's Choice Stuffed Mushrooms     Chicken And Broccoli With Brown Sauce     Chicken Nuggets     Chicken Parmigiano     Chicken Picatta     Chicken Stock     Chili Bbq Sauce     Chili Beef Paste And Marinade.     Chili Rocko     Chili-Lime Wings     Chimichuri (Argentine Marinade)     Chinese Meat Breading     Chinese Mustard Sauce     Chocolate Buttermilk Sheet Cake     Chocolate Sauce     Chocolate Tweed Cake     Chorizo     Chorizo     Cilantro Crusted Pork Loin     Cincinnati Chili     Cinnamon Sunrise Bread     Citrus Pork     Clone Of The Tiger     Coffee Mop For Brisket     Coffee Pot Roast     Coney Sauce     Coney Sauce     Coney Sauce     Connie's Rumpumpum Roll     Cookindad's Bbq Sauce     Corky's Cole Slaw     Corn Dog Batter     Cornbread, Sweet     Cousin Pat's Kicked Up Pretzels     Couzan Billy Burger     Couzan Billy's Chicken Thighs     Couzan Billy's Corn and Andouille Soup     Couzan Billy's Gumbo     Couzan Billy's Jalapeno Pie     Couzan Billy's Jambalaya     Couzan Billy's Red Beans & Rice     Couzan Billy's Remoulade Sauce     Crab And Corn Chowder     Crab Cakes     Crawfish Etouffee     Crawfish Patties     Creamy Caesar Dressing     Creamy Coleslaw     Creamy Garlic Dressing     Creole Remoulade     Crispy Beef     Cudighi     Deep Dish Pizza Dough     Dena's BBQ Sauce     Dixie Boys Injection Marinade     Dixie Boys Rib Marinade     Don's "From Scratch" Baked Beans     Dr. Pepper Marinade For Brisket     Dreamland Bbq Sauce     Dutch Oven Brisket     Dutch Oven To Die For Beef     Easy Enchilada Sauce     Egg Batter for Fish     Emeril's Chocolate Banana Jazz Pie     Empress Chicken     Enchiladas     Famous Dave's Rib Rub     Fiery Asian Pork Loin     Fines Herbes     Fire Department Chicken     Fish Batter From Long John Silver's     French Onion Soup     Fresh Fruit Pie     Fried Onion Dippin' Sauce     Fried Rice     Fruit Cobbler     Fruit Cookie Pie     Fruity Cobbler     Fruity Cream Pie     Garlic Chicken Broccoli     Garlic Dressing     Garlic Roasted Pork Loin     Garlic-anchovy Salad Dressing     Gates Baked Beans     Gates BBQ Sauce     Gates Rib Rub     Gnocchi     Goulash Stew     Graham Cracker Crust     Grandma's Chicken And Dumplings     Grandpa Cheese Vinegar Sauce     Green Pork Chili     Grilled Scallop Ala Chili     Gulf Coast Shrimp     Habanero BBQ Sauce     Habanero Hot Sauce     Halibut With Sun-dried Tomatoes     Ham Loaf     Heavenly Peach Jam     Heirloom Key Lime Pie     Herbed Citrus Kabobs     Herbed Dijonnaise Chops     Herbed Halibut     Herbed Mustard Sauce     High Fat Scalloped Potatoes     Hoisin Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches     Hollandaise Sauce/Bernaise Sauce     Homemade Chili Powder     Homemade Lemonade     Honey Baked Chicken     Honey Grilled Steaks     Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce     Honey Mustard Dressing     Honey Onion Sauce     Honey Orange Chicken     Honey-Gingered Pork     Honey-Soy Ahi     Horsey Bbq Sauce     Horsey Honey Mustard     Hot And Sour Soup     Hot Mayonnaise-glazed Scallops     Hot Tamales New Orleans Style     Hot Wings     Ice Cream In A Bag     Ice Cream Sandwiches     Indian Sea Bass     Italian Porketta     Italian Porketta Sandwiches     Jacqui's BBQ Sauce     Jalapeno Cheese Soup     Jalapeno Cornbread     Jalapeno Crab Dip     Jalapeno Shrimp Dip     Japanese Golden Shrimp     Jeff's Asian Ribs     Jerk Paste     Jimmy Buffet's Perfect Margarita     Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage     Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage     Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage     Joe's Crab Shack Crab Dip     KC Baked Beans     Kevi's "Fat & Happy" Clam Chowder     Kevi's "Hold Your Heart" Pea Soup     Kevi's Award Winning Chili     Kevi's Baked Beans     Kevi's Beef Rub     Kevi's Cherry Bomb Jerky     Kevi's Cherry Rub     Kevi's ChicRub     Kevi's Classic Grilled Pork Chops     Kevi's Fresh Garden Salsa     Kevi's Fresh Garden Salsa     Kevi's Harvest Baked Beans     Kevi's Jerky     Kevi's Miss Piggy Mustard Sauce     Kevi's Smokey Jalapeno Salsa     Kevi's Smokin' on the Mountain BBQ Sauce     Kevi's South-of-the-Butt Rub     KFC Cole Slaw     Kielbasa     Kung Pao Chicken     Lawry's Seasoned Salt     Lemon Chicken     L'orange Scallops     Make Me Growl Steak     Maple Morning Sausage     Maple Mustard Glazed Pork     Margarita     Marzetti Cole Slaw     McDonald's Mustard Sauce     Meatballs     Meatloaf     Memphis Style Rib Rub     Mexican Hot Sauce     Mexican Snapper     Minestrone     Molasses Chicken     Molten Chocolate Lava Cake (Petite Gateau)     Mom's Chocolate Sauce     Mom's Christmas Fudge     Mom's Marinated Pork Loin     Montogomery Inn BBQ Sauce     Mushroom And Crab Chowder     Mustard BBQ Sauce     Mustard Sauce     Mustard, Homemade     New Dreamland Sauce     Nona's Beef And Rice Soup     Nona's Chicken Cacciatora     Nona's Lasagna     Nona's Meatloaf     Nona's Spaghetti Sauce     Old South BBQ Sauce     Oriental Glazed Chicken     Original Coney Island Sauce     Outback Caesar Salad Dressing     Paella     Pappadeaux Etouffee     Pasta With Mixed Mushrooms     Pasta With Shrimp And Basil     Pastie Pie     Pea Soup     Peppercorn Sauce     Pie Crust     Piggy Park Bbq Sauce     Pineapple And Papaya Salsa     Pizza Dough     Pizza Sauce     Pork Schnitzel     Pork Stir Fry Marinade     Pot Sticker Sauce     Potato Soup     Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops     Prudhomme Crawfish Etouffee     Prudhomme's Blackened Blend     Prudhomme's Poultry Magic     Pseudo Mustard Sauce     Randy's Jerky     Ray's Rolls     Red Hot Batter     Red Lion     Rendevous Rib Rub     Rendevous Rib Rub II     Rendezvous BBQ Beans     Root Beer Pork     Royal Peanut Butter Banana Pie     Sanders Hot Fudge Sauce     Santa Maria Tri-tip     Scallops In Celery And Sauce     Scallops Parmigiano     Scampi On The Barbee     Sesame Chicken     Sherry Ginger Pork     Shotgun Mop     Shrimp And Pasta In Champagne Sauce     Shrimp Dejonghe     Shrimp Etouffee     Shrimp In Tomato Cream Sauce     Sonny's Smokehouse BBQ Sauce     South Carolina Gold Hot Sauce     Southern Jalapeno Relish     Southern Succor Rub     Southwestern Fish     Sparerib Rub     Spicy Chicken In Brown Sauce     Spicy Peanut Butter Marinade     Standing Rib Roast     Steak Marinade     Steak Rub     Steaks With Roasted Garlic Butter     Strawberry Party Loaf     Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms     Summer Sausage(Mettwurst)     Swedish Pancakes     Sweet & Spicy Tenderloin     Sweet And Sour Meatloaf     Sweet And Sour Raspberry Glaze     Sweet And Spicy Bbq Sauce     Sweet And Spicy Rub     Sweet Corn Pudding     Sweet Mustard Sauce     Sweet Pepper Meat Loaf     Swiss Chalet Chicken Sauce     Szechuan Chicken     Szechuan Shrimp     Tartar Sauce     Tasso     Tequila Shrimp     Teriyaki Marinade For Mahi Mahi     Texas Chili Steaks     Texas Hot Links     Texas Rib Marinade     Texas Steak Rub     The Embers Pork Chop     The Real Steak Deal     The Varsity     Thymely Chicken     Tim's Adobo Chicken Seasoning     Tim's Jerk Paste     Tony Packo's     Topeka Bbq Sauce     Traditional Mustard Sauce     Tropical Swordfish     Turkey Brine     Tyler's Bbq Sauce     Ultimate Cheesecake     Un-traditional Cheeseburger     Vietnamese Pork     White Remoulade     Wicker's Marinade     Wild Game Marinade     Wisconsin Cheddar Soup Veloute     Yakitori Chicken     Yocco's     Yoder's Wacky Chocolate Cake     Yum-yum Steak Seasoning     Zesty Rubbed Strips    



The From My Kitchen Cookbook

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