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Recipes submitted by June Gothberg (Battle Creek, MI)

5 Ingredient Fettuccine     7-up Jello Salad     Animal Crackers     Apple-Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal     Apples With Bacon     Baby Greens With Irish Bacon     Bailey's Chocolate Chip Cheesecake     Baked Cloves And Potatoes     Baked Noodles     Banana And Honey Spread     Banana Toast     Bat Cookies     Bean And Garlic Dip     Bean Soup     Beef Momos     Best Ever Chicken     Better Ever Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies     Black Current Tea     Blue Cheese Pasta Sauce     Blueberry Buckle     Blueberry Grunt     Bohemian Beer Casserole     Bourbon Street Broccoli Tuna Casserole     Bran Burgers     Brazilian Iced Chocolate Coca-cola     Bread Bowl Fondue     Broccoli And Corn Bake     Broccoli Pesto     Broccoli Spaghetti Parmesana     Browned Butter And Herb Sauce     Bubble Pizza     Burnt Caramel Frosting     Butter Pecan Pie     C.C.R.T. Salad     Cafe Duck     Cajun Stir Fry     Caramel Apple Swirls     Caramel Popcorn     Caramelized Garlic     Carnitas     Cauliflower Cauliettes With Cheese Sauce Dijonnaise     Cheese And Bacon Squares     Cheese Crunchies     Cheeseburger Dip     Cherry Dot Cookies     Cherry Pie Bread     Chicken Fiesta Salad     Chicken On A Can     Chile Rellenos Burritos     Chili Chex Mix     Chocolate Covered Pretzels     Chocolate Fantasy Cheesecake     Chocolate Pumpkin Eaters     Corn Beef Hash     Corn Bread Pudding     Corn Oysters     Crab Alfredo - Junie Style     Creamy Green Bean Casserole     Crescent Taco Pie     Crisp Old Fashioned Tea Cakes     Crispix Mix(R) Let's Go Fishing     Crock Pot Lemon Chicken     Crockpot Apple Cider     Crockpot Hot Cocoa For A Group     Crockpot Kielbasa And Cabbage     Crunchy Caramel Apples     Deviled Carrots     Dinner Rolls     Dix's Pancakes     Earthquake Cake     Easy Cheddar And Swiss Fondue     Easy Chocolate Cake     Easy Chocolate Delight Pie     Easy Crockpot Venison Roast     Easy Fruit Dip     Easy Italian Love Cake     Easy Mexican Chicken     Easy Pumpkin Ice Cream     Easy Spanish Rice     Easy Toffee Bars     Eggless Mayonnaise     Eight Layer Casserole     Figgy Pudding     Focaccia Or Italian Bread Topping     Focaccia With Portobello Mushrooms, Shallots, And Blue Cheese     French Toast Strata     Fried Bananas     Frosting For Cookies     Fruit & Cream Instant Oatmeal     Fruity Iced Sun Tea     Garlic Butter     Garlic Lover's Steak Sandwich     Garlic Roast Chicken     George Hirsch�s Monkfish Cacciatore     Golden Cheese Fondue     Golden Fruit Salad     Grab-and-go Personal Pizza     Granny's Chocolate Frosting     Green Tomato Pickles     Grilled Chicken With Southwestern Rub     Grilled Pork Spareribs With Cajun Rub     Grilled Swordfish With Lemon-Rosemary Butter     Grilled Turkey And Mushroom Burgers With Chutney Sauce     Harry S Truman Catfish Creole     Hobo Pies     Holiday Peppermint Bark     Holiday Wreaths     Homemade Bisquick     Homemade Butter     Honey Lemon Squares     Hot Buttered Cow     Hot Crab And Jalapeno Dip     Hot Crab Dip     Ice Cream Sandwich Cake     Instant Oatmeal W/Raisins & Brown Sugar     Irish Curach     Italian Love Cake     Italian Parmesan Chicken     Jacques Pepin's Strawberry Buttermilk Shortcakes     Jello Skating Pond     Jiffy Lowfat Fruit Cobbler     Jimmy Carter Peanut Butter Pie     John Quincy Adams' Fish Chowder     Junie's Bookbinder Cheesecake     Junie's Cheese Garlic Grits     Junie's Easy Greek Salad     Junie's Easy Michigan Pasties     Junie's Peanut Butter Fudge     Junie's Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake     Junie's Turtles     Kellogg's Gold Medal Sundae     Kellogg's(R) Rice Krispies Treat(R) Kites     Kellogg's(R) Rice Krispies Treats(R) Bunnies     Kellogg's(R) Rice Krispies Treats(R) Fourth Of July Cut-outs     Kellogg's(R) Special K(R) Bars     Kenyan Samosa (Bread Machine)     Lazy Chicken     LBJ Grapefruit Pie     Lemon Herb Vegetables     Lemon Love Notes     Linguine With Quick Red Clam Sauce     Little Smokies     Lowfat Guacamole     Magic Lemon Ice Box Cake     Magic Lemon Meringue Pie     Mamie Eisenhower Fudge     Manicotti     Marshmallow Popcorn Balls     Meat Balls On Flaming Cabbage     Mema's Fudge Frosting     Mexican Hash     Milky Way Treats     Molasses Crackle     Munchie Mix     No Hassle Beef Stew     No-knead Refrigerator Dough     Norfolk Noodles     Norwegian Cold Rhubarb Soup With Mint     On The Grill Veggie Dinner     Onion Soup With Crock Pot     Orange Sherbert Salad     Oriental Noodle Salad, Lowfat     Oriental Noodle Salad, Lowfat     Pasta And Tomato Pesto     Peach Cobbler     Peach Crumble     Peach Oatmeal Crisp     Peanut Butter Chocolate Freezer Cookies     Peanut Butter Popcorn     Pear Relish     Pecan Cake     Pecan Poundcake     Peppermint Stick Dessert     Pheasant And Wild Rice     Plain Instant Oatmeal     Pork Chops Chatelaine     Portabella Mushroom & Onion Burger Topping     Portobello "Baked" Pasta     Pumpkin Muffins     Puppy Chow     Quick And Easy Cherry Bread     Quick And Tangy Beef Stir Fry     Quick Cheesy, Garlic Potato Soup     Quick Sourdough Starter     Quick Tortellini With Pesto Sauce     Raspberry Cookies     Raspberry Jello Salad     Red, White And Blue Dessert     Risotto With Pork     Ritz Desert     Roasted Vegetables Casablanca     Rocky Road Crunch     Ronald Reagan Baja California Chicken     Rosemary Redskin Potatoes     Sausage Pepper Balls     Savory Sweet Potato Sticks     Sherried Sweet Potatoes     Snack Attack Snack     Snack Bars     Snow Ice Cream     Soda Crackers     Something Different On A Budget Meatloaf     Southern Company Cauliflower     Southwest Soup     Southwestern Strata     Special Salad Dressing     Spinach Artichoke Dip     Spinach Hot Salad Dressing     Spinach-cheese Casserole     Strawberry Surprise Buns     Summer Berries With Yogurt-citrus Sauce     Summertime Fruit Pizza     Sunshine Birthday Cake     Sweet Potato Soup     Swiss Venison     Taffy Apple Salad     Texas Sheet Cake     Three Grain Muffins     Tiger Butter     Tortilla Dogs     Tortilla Peanut Butter S�mores     Truffles     Turkey Bake     Valentine Sodas     Vanilla Bean Extract     Vanilla Popcorn     Vegetable Rotini     Veggie Burgers     Venison Hard Salami     Very Best Banana Bread     Watters' Family Curried Fruit     White Chocolate Fudge     White Mountain Icing     Yeast Rolls     Yummy Gumdrops    



The From My Kitchen Cookbook

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