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Recipes submitted by John Phillips (Breckenridge, TX)

Angel Flake Biscuits     Artichoke Dip     Authentic Mexican Tortillas     Bacon Wrapped Shrimp     Banana Pudding     Barbequed Beef Short Ribs     Beer Batter For Fish     Beer Butt Chicken     Beer-Smothered Chicken     Best Rum Cake Ever     Black Bean And Rice Soup     Black Bean Salsa     Black-eyed Pea Dip     Bleu Cheese-Buttermilk Dressing     Blueberry Salad     Bread And Butter Pickles     Bread And Butter Pickles     Brussels Sprouts With Cheddar Almond Suce     Camron's Hot Sauce     Cheddar - Bacon Dip     Cherry Crumb Pie     Chex Party Mix     Chicken Breasts Diane     Chicken Breasts In Mustard Sauce     Chicken Breasts With Mushroom Madeira Sauce     Chicken Cordon Bleu     Chicken Dijon With Garden Vegetables     Chili Rellenos Casserole     Chocolate Nut Candy     Cider Vinegar Barbeque And Dipping Sauce     Cilantro Pesto Spread     Classic Mandarin Orange Salad     Classic Trout Amandine     Coconut Oat Cookies     Corn And Hot Pepper Cheese Chowder     Corn Chowder     Corn Salsa     Creamed Chipped Beef And Green Chili Dip     Cree's Cheese Roll     Delimex Salsa     D's Famous Salsa     Eggplant Italian Style     Eggplant Italian Style     English Style Fish And Chips     Eula's Bread And Butter Pickles     Eula's Dill Pickles     Fajita Marinade     Fajitas     Flambe Pepper Steak     Fred's Roast     Garlic Green Beans     Gingered Chicken With Greens     Gourmet SOS     Green Enchiladas     Green Salsa     Green Tomatoes Parmesan     Grilled Asparagus Salad With Orange Vinaigrette     Grilled Corn With Seasoned Butters     Grilled Filet And Jumbo Shrimp With Barbequed Vegetable Hash     Grilled Zucchini     Hanukkah Brisket     Hearty Spinach Salad     Honey Mustard Salmon     Honey-lime Fruit Toss     Jacksboro Cafe Lemon Chess Pie     Jalapeno Fudge     Jalapeno Jelly     Jamaican Pork With Creamy Lime Salsa     Janes' Dip     Jeans' Spaghetti Sauce     John's Baby Loin Back Ribs     John's Basting Sauce     John's Dry Spices     John's Sweet Sauce     Juans' Salsa De Tomatillo     Julia's Stew     Katie's Pickled Okra     Katies' Salsa Mix     King Ranch Casserole     Lemon-basil Marinade     Lemon-Rosemary Rub     Maxines' Salsa     Mexican Fried Rice     Mushrooms In Garlic Butter     Mustard Sauce     Mustard Vinaigrette     Navy Bean And Sausage Casserole     Pickled Sugar Snap Peas     Pico De Gallo Sauce     Salsa De Tomatillo     Shrimp Enchiladas     Sliced Baked Potatos     Southern-style Cobb Salad     Sugar Snap Peas And Goat Cheese     Summertime New Potato Salad     Ultimate Chicken Quesadillas     Veggie Mac-and-Cheese     Zesty Sherry Marinade    



The From My Kitchen Cookbook

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