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Recipes submitted by Claudeen Wagoner (Brawley, CA)

All American Flag Mold     All-bran Muffins     Baked Fish Fillets     Baked Sweet Potatoes     Blueberry Muffins     Chicken Or Beef Enchiladas     Chicken Taco Casserole     Cowboy Beans     Cupcakes By Claudeen     Custard Pie     Eggs Relleno     Ham And Broccoli Quiche     Ham And Scalloped Potatoes     Hearty Beef Stew     Honey Bun Ring     Jello/Cheese Festive Mold     Layered Spinach Salad     Lemon Basil Chicken     Light N Fruity Pie     Lime Jello Salad     Meat Loaf     Original Green Bean Casserole     Overnight Layered Green Salad     Pastel Cake     Peanut Butter Chunkies     Perfect Apple Pie     Very Berry Mousse    



The From My Kitchen Cookbook

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