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Just what IS Friends and Families, anyway?

Rated 4 Stars by ZDNET!

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It is a very easy-to-use contact manager and calendaring program.  For years, Tricia and I dutifully penciled addresses, birthdays,  and other critical information into a ragged address book.  People move and situations change, so pages were worn thin with erasures, and unreadable with strikeouts.  Occasionally, an address would be recorded in two or more places - we also scribbled stuff in the backs of phonebooks - so that you were never sure which was correct!

It occurred to me that a program could be written that would not only capture this information, but automatically remind you of birthdays.  Aha!  An address book linked to a calendar!

Well...if it can handle birthdays, why not expand the calendaring feature to include holidays, and special events of your own choosing?  Maybe even events that happen every month - that you don't want to miss - like a car or rent payment...

If you can enter personal information, why not make it capable of dealing with entire families - to cut down on data entry?

Let's make it print coming events in list format, but if you can make it do that, why not make it print in monthly block format? 

So...why not make it an add-on for From My Kitchen?  That way, when you load From My Kitchen to search for a recipe for Sunday dinner, you also get nudged about Aunt Ethel's birthday.

And finally - why not give it away?  If people use it and like it, maybe they'll download an evaluation copy of From My Kitchen and try it!  

So I sat down at my computer and wrote the program that became Friends and Families.  And it's free.




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