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Just what IS From My Kitchen, anyway?

It is Recipe Management software - that does other stuff, too!  We designed it for novice users but made it powerful enough for experts.  It is loaded with features - use them all, or just the ones that you need.

Traveling Recipes

Use it to record your favorite recipes - then "package and label" them to share with your friends and family! Send them over the Internet, or copy to floppy diskette (Sneakernet!), and your friends can then "import" your recipes to their computer.  

Cooking on the Web!

And...while you're running the program (and you are connected to your Internet Service Provider), you are automatically connected to the From My Kitchen Cookbook - a database of YOUR recipes which WE maintain on the WWW!  For free!  If you have a recipe that you're really proud of and would like to share, just select it in your folders and click "SEND".  See a recipe in the database that looks good?  Just click the "SAVE" button and it's yours!  How easy can it get?

Dynamic Lists

FROM MY KITCHEN is dynamic - your lists of categories and ingredients grow as you use the program, making additions as easy as pointing and clicking!

Easy Searching

Ever find yourself searching for that special recipe you saved to make when the time was right? With FROM MY KITCHEN search capability, finding the recipe is no longer a chore. Less time searching - more time creating!

Going Shopping?'

FROM MY KITCHEN can quickly create a shopping list.  Just select the recipes you want to prepare, and FROM MY KITCHEN will make an ordered list, with quantities. Print out the list and don't ever get caught short again!

Meal Planning

It's easy to plan that special meal with FROM MY KITCHEN.  Just select all of the recipes from your list and save as "Thanksgiving Dinner" or whatever.  Does it get any easier?  Oh, yes - with a single mouse-click you can create a shopping list for the meal!  

Friendly Printing

When you want a "hard copy" of a recipe to take to the kitchen or to pass to a friend, FROM MY KITCHEN allows you to print with just a point and a click!  Print full page (8 1/2" x 11") for binding, or select the 4"x6" card size.  Making a book?  FMK will print an index for you!

Free Upgrades!

And, yes, just like all of our software, we provide FREE UPGRADES (via download from our website only) for the life of the product (as long as we actively maintain, market, and support it)!  How will you know when a new version is available?  We will tell you - just click on "NEWS"!

Give FROM MY KITCHEN a try! If you decide to keep it, the registration fee is only $17!




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